Recreation building off limits for private auctions



December 13, 2011 - 12:00 AM

The Recreation Community Building will continue to be off limits for estate sales and other private auctions.
Iola City Council members declined to alter its rental policy, following a discussion about how opening the facilities would affect scheduling and upkeep of the facility.
The city fields occasional calls about using the rec building for auctions and yard sales, prompting Monday’s discussion.
Recreation Director Luke Bycroft said opening the building even more to the public would be difficult because of the building’s regular usage — particularly during the winter months. Rarely a day goes by when the building isn’t used by USD 257 for basketball practices, and other youth leagues for games and practices on weekends.
Bycroft also expressed concerns about wear and tear on the gymnasium floor if furniture, refrigerators or other large items were dragged across the $100,000 surface.
Council members agreed.

COUNCIL members agreed to extend by six months, to July 31, Iola’s participation in a Community Development Block Grant housing rehabilitation program. Extending the project’s completion deadline will allow work to continue on homes at 311 S. Third St. and 310 S. Fourth St.
In an unrelated matter, council members approved hiring Shaun Muncy Excavating of Westphalia to demolish condemned structures at 814 South St., 512 N. Sycamore St., 411 W. Campbell St. and 624 and 706 S. Chestnut St. for a combined $11,470. Muncy’s bid was the lower of two received.

THE COUNCIL officially released its water rights to the Neosho River for usage for now-defunct steam generators at the city’s power plant.
Maintaining the water rights would cost the city about $5,200 annually, plus costs associated with installing a water meter and pump to get the river water to the power plant.
The generators were destroyed in the 2007 flood and were rarely used before that.
Council members also rejected a request by Iola Industries for Iola to take responsibility for that organization’s water rights to Elm Creek in south Iola.

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