Remembering a town wiped out by wildfire


National News

November 16, 2018 - 7:10 PM

An aerial view of Paradise off of Clark Road on Thursday. The Camp Fire has burned more than 7,000 structures in Paradise, Calif. TNS

PARADISE, Calif. (AP) — There’s a sweet legend about this town: On a blazing summer day in the 1850s, a lumber mill crew with wagon and ox took a break under a grove of tall evergreens. The air was cool, the pine needles fragrant.

“Boys,” said the team boss, “this is paradise.”

Thus, more than 170 years ago, Paradise was born. From the start, it was enriched with gold mined from nearby hills and lumber harvested from the forests. Over generations, thousands lived and loved here; they built homes and businesses, schools and houses of worship, parks and museums that proudly honored Paradise’s place in American history.

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