Save-A-Lot has new owner


February 5, 2010 - 12:00 AM

CHANUTE — Ken Hutchins hopes customers will frequent Save-A-Lot in Chanute for any of three reasons.
“Our philosophy is to ensure that we have great food, that we have great prices, and that we have great people,” he said.
Hutchins acquired the Chanute grocery store at 1406 W. Main St. on Monday.
With new ownership will come changes, some more subtle than others.
Hutchins recalled paying a visit to a grocery store a while back in which he purposely stayed indoors for more than 45 minutes.
“There wasn’t a single employee who greeted me,” he said, nor did anyone ask him if he needed help locating a certain product. Such behavior won’t fly at Save-A-Lot, Hutchins said, where the customer will come first.
Hutchins owns the Save-A-Lot franchise in Parsons and said he was eager to branch farther north. He’s even more eager to let his customers in on some savings.
He pointed to a sale bill prepared for this week by the store’s previous owners. There were a few discrepancies between the prices printed and ones offered by many of the other 1,200 Save-A-Lot sites across the country.
Rather than stick with the earlier plans, Hutchins reprinted a second sale bill — it was inserted in Thursday’s Register — to point out even lower prices for such things as apple juice, hot dogs and soup.
“We want our customers to know that they can expect to save some money,” he said.
Save-A-Lot is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week, although Hutchins said he will gauge the community’s interest in altering the Sunday schedule.
“We may go from 10 to 6 on Sundays, but we want the community to decide that,” he said.
Hutchins also plans to remodel the store’s interior. He installed a new manager for the meat department and hired a number of new cashiers.
Ford Hall is Save-A-Lot’s manager.

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