Sibling success


Local News

July 25, 2018 - 3:19 PM

Brothers Brody and Kyser Nemecek grew up surrounded by farm animals and a show ring. Even though they’re still young, they’ve already translated their years of competition experience into leadership skills, guiding others in Allen County and the surrounding area. 

So far this summer, Brody, age 16, has taught swine showmanship clinics at each of the three 4-H counties in the Southwind Extension District (Allen, Bourbon and Neosho). He worked with one family in Bourbon County, which has a very competitive fair, and helped a first-year 4-H contestant take home a fifth place finish.

“It’s really fun to see (other 4-Hers) go out. They’re having a good time because we helped teach them how to show,” Brody said. “When they see success, it makes me feel good.”

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