Attorneys argue whether new voting law blocks registration drives

Voting rights attorneys argued in Topeka over a new law that threatens prosecution for anything that could be mistaken as the work of an election official. That could include voter registration drives, the attorneys argued.


State News

September 15, 2021 - 9:32 AM

TOPEKA — Voting rights attorneys battled Tuesday in Shawnee County District Court over the merits of a new law that threatens felony prosecution for any activities that could be mistaken as the work of an election official.

Nonprofits including the League of Women Voters of Kansas sued the state before the law took effect July 1, halting all voter registration drives and outreach efforts. They asked District Judge Teresa Watson to issue a temporary injunction blocking part of the law that deals with impersonating an election official.

Bradley Schlozman, a Wichita attorney hired by the state to defend the law, said the nonprofits have manufactured a crisis. He referred to House Bill 2183 as “a perfectly valid prophylactic” and said the only way to violate it is by intentionally confusing voters.

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