Despite a federal rule, it’s still hard to comparison shop hospital care in Kansas

Fisher said the first step in addressing high health care costs is making hospitals reveal prices easily readable by consumers.


State News

February 23, 2023 - 4:25 PM

St. Catherine Hospital located in Garden City was listed in a report about hospitals not fully complying with federal price transparency guidelines. David Condos/Kansas News Service

Two years after federal rules first required hospitals to tell you what they’re charging for different services, one report suggests only 15% of Kansas hospitals hit the mark.

The consumer group Patient Rights Advocate’s February report found three of the 20 hospital systems that it reviews in the state — the organization focused on the largest hospital systems — fully comply with the federal price transparency rule. The group said several on the list were partially complying.

“We can count on what milk is going to be charged, or even eggs. We know eggs have gone up because of supply and demand. But we will know what those prices are,” Patient Rights Advocate founder Cynthia Fisher said. “It’s not like you find out what the dozen eggs costs, weeks or months later, and it’s 100 times more than you would have ever expected.”

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