Kansans share insights into soul-breaking experiences of foster children

Foster parents are urging the state to allow them to be a part of discussions when the state determines placement of 7,000 foster children in the system.


State News

November 17, 2022 - 1:55 PM

Meaghan and Blake Briscoe shared with child welfare committee of the Kansas Legislature their experience of caring for a foster child from birth until forced to surrender the child at age 3 to the biological father by the state. Photo by Kansas Reflector screen capture from Kansas Legislature YouTube channel

TOPEKA — Kansas foster parents Meaghan and Blake Briscoe were asked to welcome into their home a newborn who ended up staying with them for three years.

They eagerly collaborated with the biological mother in an attempt to stabilize her life, but her parental rights were severed after 20 months. The father, who had a history of violent crime, abandoned the child. Cornerstones of Care, a foster care agency under contract with the Kansas Department for Children and Families, recommended the father’s rights be terminated.

Blake Briscoe told an legislative committee working on child welfare issues Wednesday that DCF inexplicably ordered during a closed-door meeting that Cornerstones of Care reverse its assessment so the child could be united with the biological father. He said micromanagement verging on conflict of interest between DCF and Cornerstones of Care should be remedied.

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