Kansas House approves more than two dozen bills

Kansas House members wrapped up two dozen bills before a short break. Proposals would raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, both legislative maps and an education mega bill.


State News

March 24, 2022 - 12:54 PM

Rep. Bill Rhiley got a few laughs and some shocked expressions when he proposed raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco products in Kansas to 70 instead of 21. He said strong action is needed to curb people’s habits but his amendment failed. Photo by (Sherman Smith/Kansas Reflector)

TOPEKA — The Kansas House concluded business before a short break in the session Wednesday by passing more than two dozen bills, including proposals to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products, final approval of an education mega bill and passage of both legislative maps.

Representatives will break until Monday but made sure to first clean up and send bills to the Senate left over from a lengthy debate Tuesday that included a conversation on Kansas policy toward undocumented immigrants. When it returns, the House will reconcile differences with the Senate on key policies and bills.

But before the break, representatives shared a rare moment of shock from both sides of the aisle over an amendment proposed by Rep. Bill Rhiley that would raise the minimum age to purchase cigarettes and other tobacco products to the age of 70. 

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