Kansas paid below going rate for plant

Kansas is giving Panasonic $829 million in incentives to build a $4 billion electric vehicle battery plant that promises 4,000 employees. Other states have spent more, on average, to lure employers.


State News

July 15, 2022 - 3:16 PM

Gov. Laura Kelly chairs the meeting where she and legislative leaders agreed to give $829 million in tax breaks and other incentives to Panasonic Energy to build its electric vehicle battery plant in De Soto, Kansas.

Even at roughly $200,000 per job, analysts say the tax breaks and other incentives Kansas put on the table to bring Panasonic’s battery-making plant to De Soto fall short of the giveaways other states have made in recent years.

Still, the tax dollars devoted to bringing the $4 billion electric vehicle battery plant to Johnson County bust any records in Kansas for tempting a business to the state.

And few details have been made public about the $829 million incentive plan that was negotiated behind closed doors.

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