Republican leaders put income, sales tax reform on fast track

 Kansas GOP leaders are targeting tax reform early in the session, although their plan includes a flat state income tax of 5.25%, which Gov. Laura Kelly has pledged to veto.


State News

January 17, 2024 - 2:20 PM

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly is proposing tax cuts that amount to $1.1 billion over three years, while the Republicans' proposal would be even more expensive, slashing $1.6 billion from estimated revenues. Photo by Rachel Mipro/Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA — The Kansas Legislature created a path for early consideration of a tax overhaul package concentrated on income and sales tax changes that would feature adoption of the single-rate state income tax of 5.25% that Gov. Laura Kelly warned would trigger a veto.

The Senate is expected to complete procedural motions Wednesday to allow for debate on a tax bill on the Senate floor — skipping the regular committee process by clawing together pieces of tax policy debated or voted on by the Legislature during the 2023 session. The bill would be comprised of elements placed into House Bill 2284 that began taking shape one week ago during House and Senate negotiations.

“We may set a new record for getting the tax plan out,” said Rep. Adam Smith, the Weskan Republican who chairs the House Taxation Committee. “I know it feels like we moved very fast on this, but I know a lot of this is carried over from last session and the work we did.”

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