Storm still etched in memory, 30 years later



July 29, 2016 - 12:00 AM

As with any strange twist of fate, a couple of seemingly innocuous decisions led to John Ellington and David Loomis becoming a part of Iola lore.

And with Monday the 30th anniversary of Allen County’s notorious “inland hurricane,” the Register reached out to Loomis and to the Ellingtons this week to hear their recollections of being part of one of Iola’s most unexpected meteorological chapters.

Ellington and wife Nancy, who now live in Yates Center, were married the night of the storm at Iola’s St. John’s Catholic Church. They were in the church as the winds began to howl outside. They emerged from taking pictures after the storm subsided to see the St. John’s steeple toppled. The metal cross perched atop the steeple pierced their car’s hood.

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