Student councils gather



November 18, 2013 - 12:00 AM

STUCO representatives from the Pioneer League met at Iola High School Thursday to learn how to improve their schools. Each year the meeting moves among schools within the league.
Students heard from speaker Jim Mosely. His message was structured toward the student council members  to get more students involved in student activities.
“As beautiful as your generation is, yours is the most broken,” he said.
Mosely talked about multiple students that he has taught and how they have affected him.
He recalled one junior girl who had to take his class with freshman students. He had discovered the girl cried in the bathroom every day. When he approached her to find out what was wrong, the girl shut down.
“She dropped out of school and went to work at Walmart,” he said. “Every time I see her, I think about how I let her down.”
He also shared an experience he had when he was in high school. A friend who was being abused at home was also picked on by Mosely’s friends at school. Years later he didn’t even want to attend the class reunion because he was still hurt.
“He came to the only place that he felt acceptance, but we extended his pain,” he said.
Mosely said he worries he could have done something to change this friend’s high school experience.
“You have kids in your school that sit by themselves,” he said pointing at the crowd. “They don’t come to dances and they hate school.”
He made a challenge for the STUCO representatives:
“As a leader, you have a responsibility to make a difference in other peoples’ lives,” he said. “How big is your circle and will you make a difference?”
Iola STUCO president, Adam Kauth, said this event is a learning experience for all of the schools.
“We break out into sessions and groups talk about what we do at our own school and share our ideas to use them in our schools,” he said. “Some schools might have an idea to combine with our own.”
Kauth said this was a great opportunity to get out and be involved with the other kids in the schools.
“David Cherry, Kansas State High School Activities Association assistant executive director, also came today,” Kauth said. “It’s an honor to have him here.”
The middle school and high school jazz band also played at the event.

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