Sustainable soybean aviation fuel on horizon in Kansas

The White House wants the aviation industry to switch to renewable fuel by 2050, but factories that produce it are rare. Kansas makes airplanes. Soon it may make fuel for them, too, out of soybeans.



January 31, 2024 - 2:59 PM

Soybeans grow on a Montgomery County farm. A Canadian company may build a plant in the county that would churn out renewable jet fuel by 2027. Photo by Kansas Soybean Association

Three years from now, passengers may zip around the continent on airplanes propelled by renewable jet fuel from Kansas.

The key to producing this up-and-coming fuel? Soybeans.

A Canadian company aims to build the state’s first refinery that churns out sustainable aviation fuel. And it hopes to pipe the emissions from the southeast Kansas factory to a carbon sequestration site for storage deep underground.

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