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August 4, 2018 - 4:00 AM

Michael Ruberto

Design is everywhere. Product design. Furniture design. Graphic design. Clothing design.

If you brushed your teeth this morning, if you drove to work, if you used a smart-phone, if you obeyed a road sign, if you’re reading this article, if you’re sitting in a chair, if you’ve ever filled out a ballot, if you’ve dined beneath the Golden Arches, if you’ve ever picked one wine over another because of the label, if you’re wearing pants — and please be wearing pants — then you’re an active participant in the design economy.

Basically the only prerequisite for being a consumer of design in the 21st century is to not be dead. And even this isn’t a hard limit. For instance, if you hand-select your own coffin or urn before you kick the bucket, then your mortal parts will remain the everlasting beneficiaries of that final design choice.

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