Transgender Kansas state employee alleges harassment

Shelly Lamb argues in a federal lawsuit that coworkers and inmates at the Kansas Department of Corrections harassed her and the department violated her civil rights and committed sex discrimination because she is a transgender woman.



February 2, 2024 - 3:01 PM

The Kansas Department of Corrections allegedly discriminated against Shelly Lamb, a former counselor and supervisor, for transitioning. Photo by DYLAN LYSEN/KANSAS NEWS SERVICE

A transgender woman is suing the Kansas Department of Corrections in federal court for creating a hostile work environment when she transitioned.

Shelly Lamb, a former counselor and supervisor for the agency’s prison facility in Hutchinson, argues her civil rights were violated because the state agency refused to acknowledge her transition, use her new name or stop employees and inmates from misusing her pronouns and catcalling her.

She also argues the agency retaliated against her when she pushed for her civil rights by moving her office to a basement closet and then another office with no air conditioning before she eventually resigned in 2022.

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