Twain’s tidbits shared with local audience



October 21, 2016 - 12:00 AM

Death proved no snag to the man, Mark Twain, who made a special appearance at the Iola Public Library Tuesday night.

Shuffling up to the podium-stage, wearing an all-white Stacy Adams suit, a satin cravat bundled under his chin, clutching a pipe and casting a quizzical look round the drab library conference room in which he’d found himself, the literary celebrity of the Gilded Age — once a Missouri urchin by the name of Sam Clemens — turned toward the silver-headed crowd of about 15 and in a loud, reedy-raspy drawl — well, he let ‘em have it.

Yarn after yarn, spun from the finest Pike County silk, Twain braided for his Iola fans a daisy chain of comic anecdotes and backwoods bon mots. Delivered in a raised voice and galloping cadence, his voice box whirred like a turbine for dang near an hour. 

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