Visitor: Adding jobs never a quick fix


Local News

October 24, 2018 - 11:00 AM

Holly Campbell, right, a business recruitment specialist for the Kansas Department of Commerce, speaks at a roundtable discussion in Iola Tuesday about economic development. To the left is Iolan Barbara Anderson, a Department of Commerce representative and former Iola Area Chamber of Commerce executive director. REGISTER/RICHARD LUKEN

Holly Campbell grew up in Illinois, lives in Chicago, and as of six months ago, had never set foot in Kansas.

However, since being hired by the Kansas Department of Commerce as part of a business recruitment team in April, she has immersed herself in the sunflower state, including a border-to-border car ride, in which she paid visits to all 72 community economic development directors in Kansas.

Tuesday’s visit was in Allen County, where she was hosted by Bill Maness, economic development director through Thrive Allen County. The visit included a citywide tour of available industrial properties, most notably, the old Herff Jones building, and a roundtable discussion of the local business climate.

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