China tries to revive economy but sputters

China is trying to get back to business, but a wary public has hampered efforts. Damage from the coronavirus pandemic is certain to linger, officials said.


World News

April 16, 2020 - 9:36 AM

BEIJING (AP) — China, where the coronavirus pandemic started in December, is cautiously trying to get back to business, but it’s not easy when many millions of workers are wary of spending much or even going out. 

Factories and shops nationwide shut down starting in late January. Millions of families were told to stay home under unprecedented controls that have been copied by the United States, Europe and India.

The ruling Communist Party says the outbreak, which had killed more than 3,340 people among more than 82,341 confirmed cases as of Thursday, is under control. But the damage to Chinese lives and the economy is lingering. 

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