Fallout continues from ransomware attack

Thousands of organizations were targeted by the single biggest ransomware attack yet. A Russia-linked gang appears to have breached an exploited software company.


World News

July 6, 2021 - 9:42 AM

BOSTON (AP) — The single biggest ransomware attack yet continued to bite Monday as more details emerged on how a Russia-linked gang breached the exploited software company. The criminals essentially used a tool that helps protect against malware to spread it globally.

Thousands of organizations — largely firms that remotely manage the IT infrastructure of others — were infected in at least 17 countries in Friday’s assault. Kaseya, whose product was exploited, said Monday that they include several just returning to work.

Because the attack by the notorious REvil gang came just as a long Fourth of July weekend began, many more victims were expected to learn their fate when they return to the office today.

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