Lobster biz braces for Chinese New Year, pandemic

America's lobster exporters recovered from Trump's trade war with China, but now faces challenges in the pandemic.


World News

February 9, 2021 - 9:36 AM

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — America’s lobster exporters recovered from the Trump-era trade war with China to have a good 2020. But the industry is approaching one of the most critical times of the year with trepidation because of the coronavirus.

Chinese New Year is typically one of the busiest parts of the calendar for America’s lobster shippers, who send millions of dollars worth of the crustaceans to China every year. This year the holiday is Feb. 12, and industry members said the Year of the Ox won’t necessarily be the Year of the Lobster.

That’s because shipping is complicated this winter by the threat of the virus. Mike Marceau, vice president of The Lobster Company in Arundel, Maine, said he isn’t expecting many exports.

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