May 1, 2017 - 12:00 AM

Young authors were joined with illustrator, E.B. Lewis and author Jewell Parker Rhodes, Friday, for a light dinner at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center.
Students wrote 567 books for this year’s Young Authors event and the 135 winning stories were displayed at Friday’s dinner.
“The Bumpy Ride” is a book written by Brystal Hudlin, Humboldt Elementary School, about a dog gone wild while on a walk. Although Hudlin has a dog in real life,  the book is fiction, she said. Her favorite part of the week-long young authors event was meeting both Lewis and Rhodes. She wants to be an author when she grows up and intends to write a book about time travel.

MARMATON Valley’s third grader, Sophia Heim, wrote the book “Sebastian.”
“It is about a singing cat who knows a little bit of poetry,”she said.
Heim has her sights on growing up to be a lawyer, but predicted that she will continue to write poetry for fun.

CARLIE Weilert,Humboldt, wrote “The Bully.” It is a theme, she said, that “popped up” in her mind the moment her teacher mentioned writing a book. Weilert has not ruled out being an author when she grows up, but is also considering working as an artist. If she writes another book, it will be about her mom having her baby sister, she said. Her favorite part of the week-long celebration was coloring.

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