Young country singer puts on free show at the Bowlus



November 8, 2012 - 12:00 AM

Up and coming country singer Katie Armiger and her acoustic trio band will be performing at the Bowlus Fine Arts Center on Saturday. 
Armiger, originally from Sugar Land, Texas, has been in the music industry for seven years, and in the past couple of years her career has been taking a steady climb. Two of her songs, “Better in a Black Dress” and “Best Song Ever,” have been featured on the top 40 on the Billboard Indicator Chart.
Her career was kick-started when she entered, and won, Houston’s Best Country Singer competition when she was 14.
It was a six-week competition, targeting younger country singers.
“When I did (make it into the final round) I didn’t have any expectations, because there were so many great singers out there,” Armiger said.
She won the competition, and along with the title of best country singer she received some money and demos.
Armiger then began taking trips up to Nashville, Tenn., where after meetings with label companies finally settled down with Cold River Records.
“At the time I was 14 and most of the labels are willing to sign a young artist but they put you on a development deal, where they don’t release everything from you for five-plus years,” Armiger said. “I also signed with Cold River because they wanted to start creating music right then.”
Creating music is what she has been doing ever since.
Armiger moved to Nashville and has now released three albums. The first one, self-titled, was released when she was 15.
She will be releasing another album in January in which all songs were written by Armiger.
Armiger said writing her own songs makes the product more personal.
“Most of the time, when something has happened to me or to my family, I will write it to where it is a little bit more open-ended. It makes it to where anyone who is listening can relate,” Armiger said.
That style of music is the draw for Armiger to go country.
“It is so relatable, so personal. If you listen to any country song, happy or sad, or anything in between, you can guarantee you have felt that way,” Armiger said.

ARMIGER turned 21 over the summer and finds being a young singer in the music industry an advantage.
“Country is always a changing industry. It is getting younger and younger,” Armiger said. “It is tricky as a young artist, but I am really lucky I have started out so young. If I didn’t, I would not have the experience I have.”
Armiger spends most of her time touring, but she makes a point to keep a solid relationship with her family and friends. She has maintained friendships with some of her best friends from her high school years.
One aspect of Armiger’s career that she finds tricky is dating — but it doesn’t stop her from trying.
“I definitely do date, but it is harder to find someone in this industry. It’s like, who do you date? You are around so many people, but you are never home,” she said.
But that doesn’t keep Armiger’s spirits down because with being in the rise of her career she is focused on her future as a successful artist.
She hopes to do a duet with a renowned country singer like Martina McBride.
Armiger said she would like to see more duets being played with two women.
“There aren’t enough duets who are girls,” Armiger said. “There are plenty of guys who will sing duets about manly things but we need to have more girls out there.”

SATURDAY’S SHOW is part of a college tour sponsored by Great American Country. Armiger’s acoustic band includes members Matt Heasley playing keys, lap steel, mandolin, and acoustic guitar; Jesse Tucker playing guitar, and Jared Kneale playing the drums.
The show begins at 7 p.m. in Creitz Recital Hall in the lower level of the Bowlus Fine Arts Center.
Armiger said audience members of all ages can enjoy the show.
“I think we do a great job of blending the different country music types, like traditional country music with a modern twist,” she said.
Admission is free.
For more information contact the Bowlus at (620) 365-4765.

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