Donna Colvin

1958 - 2020


January 12, 2021 - 9:27 AM

Donna Marie Colvin passed away Dec. 21, 2020, at the age of 62.  She was born Oct. 15, 1958, to Carl and Arlene Colvin in Iola. Donna joined a half-sister and half-brother, Regina and Gary Stacy. 

Donna was preceded in death by her mother in 1978 and her father in 1982. Donna graduated from high school in 1978.  She chose to stay in the family home and lived there for most of her life. 

Donna was known for her sense of humor and her sarcasm. She was quick with a comeback that usually had people in stitches. She had many friends throughout her lifetime. 

Donna loved to write and had wanted at one time to write children’s books. She was active in choir and played the piano. She was a mostly “A” student and didn’t have to struggle with schoolwork. She also performed in junior high plays.

Donna loved animals. She was given a little puppy for her birthday which she named Snoopy.  Snoopy was the first dog that Donna had, and the love of animals stayed with her her entire life. Donna loved to play the piano and let Snoopy sing along. 

Donna moved to Branson, Mo., in 2015 with her beloved dog, Mia. She loved her apartment on the outskirts of the town surrounded by nature. She would spend many hours sitting on her back porch enjoying the woods and wildlife and watching Mia explore the world around her.

Donna is survived by her two children, Ryan and Sarah; as well as her grandchildren, Elizabeth and Madelyn.  

A private wake will be held in the coming weeks.


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