Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) a benefit to everyone

With the ADA now turning 30, it's easy to see how the legislation transformed the lives of all Americans for the better.



July 30, 2021 - 9:36 AM

The Riley County Historical Museum included this wheelchair in its exhibit, “Recognizing Different Abilities in Riley County,” at the Manhattan Town Center. The exhibit commemorates the July 26 anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The wheelchair, circa 1930s, was used at the Charlotte Swift Hospital (later Saint Mary’s Hospital) at the corner of 11th and Fremont streets. The ADA exhibit is currently on display at the museum. (Gloria Freeland)

Hilary Garrett is much like thousands of other students at Kansas State University. But unlike most, who don’t worry about how to get from here to there, she has to negotiate the campus using a wheelchair.

“Without the ADA, I couldn’t go to college,” Garrett said.

The Americans with Disabilities Act, which was 31 years old this past Monday, has helped her and many others live independently.

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