Balancing dangers of disease against restrictions

COVID-19 likely will continue to spread — all because many Americans think following rules is an unconstitutional attack on their freedoms. 



May 18, 2020 - 9:51 AM

If a short trip to Walmart in Garden City last week provides clues about how seriously Kansans are taking COVID-19, expect this summer and fall to be dogged by disease.

By Julie Doll A Kansas contributor

I went to Walmart in search of elastic to make a few more facemasks. I found no elastic, but I did find a busy store. Fewer than 10% of customers were wearing facemasks, and even fewer followed store directions regarding social distancing.

This situation is not peculiar to Walmart. Across the country, employees at stores, restaurants and other businesses must tolerate people who refuse to follow rules or recommendations from the most qualified doctors in the country. Some customers even mock or yell at workers — adding insult to the risk of disease.

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