Can’t stand my husband’s online anger



February 15, 2019 - 3:54 PM

Hi, Carolyn: Please help! My husband fights with everyone online and he can’t or won’t stop himself. These are charged times, we all know. My husband spends hours arguing with strangers in the comments sections on articles and friends’ posts on Facebook. He frequently diverges from the topic at hand and the threads spiral into name-calling and vitriol.

I hate it. I’ve asked him to stop and he says he feels like he needs to call out bigotry and racism wherever he sees it. He was raised in a pretty racist family but has become “woke” and wants to wake everyone else up. But it doesn’t work. People dig in and he looks like a crazy person!

It’s embarrassing to me in front of friends and family. When he’s arguing with people on my page, he says things like “my wife and I don’t want you in our lives.”

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