Immigration the answer to labor shortage

America has traditionally solved shortages in the labor force by increasing immigration. With the country's low birth rate, that's even more important now.



December 27, 2021 - 12:17 PM

Migrant workers harvest Vidalia onions from a field in Lyons, Georgia. (Ben Gray/Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Among the effects of the COVID pandemic on the U.S. is a serious labor shortage. It contributes to the delivery problem which adds to price inflation. It contributes to production shortages which also aggravate inflation. “Now hiring” signs can be seen all over Pennsylvania and around the country.

The labor shortage results from a combination of factors.

• Since the 1970s, the labor force has been riding the wave of baby boomers that sprang up after WWII. That wave crested about a decade ago, so that today most of the baby boomers are retired or retiring.

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