Pregnant at 46, I opted for a second child

Having that choice was critical



July 28, 2022 - 12:39 PM

Opponents and supporters of a constitutional amendment that would give state legislators the power to change Kansas’ abortion law demonstrate in Lawrence on June 4. Photo by (Lily O’Shea Becker/Kansas Reflector)

Before I left for a short May trip to Massachusetts, our historic Topeka neighborhood sported four “Vote Yes” signs for the proposed “Value Them Both” amendment to the Kansas Constitution, on the ballot Aug. 2.

By my return on the final day of May, times had changed. There was an exponential explosion of “Vote No” signs. By my most recent count, 32 yards have signage encouraging a “Vote No,” compared with 11 for “Vote Yes.”

Passing the amendment would open the door to more restrictions, or even an outright ban, on the right to abortion in Kansas, which the state Supreme Court ruled in 2019 is inherent in the Kansas state constitution.

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