Son’s tribute to mom shows she made a difference to Deerfield community

Recreation Director brought people together by offering a wide array of activities.



May 23, 2022 - 2:16 PM

Deerfield Recreation Department director Cindy Crandall, above, knows that to show folks what is possible, sometimes you have to set the example. Photo courtesy of Brett Crandall

Dear Cindy Crandall,

I wanted to congratulate you and your newlywed husband, Doug, on your wedding. It is 1983, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross just debuted on PBS, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” has taken over your radio, and I’m sure that Doug’s hunting for teaching jobs.

Be on the lookout for a town called Deerfield. Sure, it’s hours away from your life and family in Salina. The smell … isn’t great. You may think, “Sure, but only for two, maybe three years, tops.”

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