DCF right to honor children’s identities



July 31, 2019 - 10:29 AM

The Kansas Department for Children and Families recent suggested guidance about how child placement agencies handle LGBTQ youths in their care strikes us as good sense, despite grousing from some self-righteous conservative groups. DCF wants these children to be placed with foster parents or homes that affirm their identities.

What does that mean? Simply put, if a gay teenager is in foster care, his or her family won’t discipline that teen for being gay or attempt to “convert” him or her to being straight. If transgender teens are in foster care, their families will respect their current gender.

Being a teenager is tough enough. LGBTQ teens face bigger challenges than their straight peers, given pervasive bullying and discrimination. The last thing they need are foster families determined to undermine their identities. Nothing could be more troubling or disturbing to a young person trying to move through a challenging world than having their very being questioned by those chosen by the state to care for them.

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