Big surplus an opportunity for Kansas legislators 

Legislators should use the state’s budget surplus to help the lives of everyday Kansans. That means easing the burden of healthcare costs for the indigent, better funding for special education and reasonable tax cuts.



October 10, 2023 - 2:00 PM

Photo by Daniel Caudill / Kansas News Service /

The state of Kansas is flush with cash. Gov. Laura Kelly announced last week that the Department of Revenue took in $42 million more in taxes during September than officials originally expected — a total of $991.6 million for the month. That number actually underplays the Sunflower State’s bulging bank accounts: Projections now suggest Kansas could be running a nearly $3.2 billion budget surplus by the end of June 2025. 

That is good news. Kansas is not so far removed from the days of then-Gov. Sam Brownback’s notorious “tax experiment,” which strangled state revenues, forced public schools to tighten their belts and produced a voter backlash. At risk of stating the obvious, it is better for the state government to have a bit too much in its coffers than too little. 

Now, however, leaders in Topeka face a serious question: What to do with all that money?