Bird spoof takes flight

'Birds aren't real' is a movement intent on injecting a little humor into the crazed conspiracy 'truther' mindset.



December 20, 2021 - 10:08 AM

An Andy Marlette cartoon about conspiracy theories

It turns out that birds are not real. Just check out the billboards, T-shirts, social media postings and the messages on a truth van touring the country. Birds are actually government surveillance drones that recharge themselves by perching on power lines right over our heads. That explains a lot. The fact that Twitter has a little bird as its symbol should tell people everything they need to know about the powerful forces at work.

Of course, the “pro-bird” crowd will make the typical, predictable arguments about how there’s nothing to worry about, and that these are just, well … birds. But clued-in people know better. Wake up, America! Especially you “Cardinals” fans.

A healthy movement is afoot across the country to inject a little bit of humor into the crazed conspiracy “truther” mindset that inspired some of the insurrectionists who invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6. QAnon has finally met its match in 23-year-old Peter McIndoe, principal messenger behind the Birds Aren’t Real movement.

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