Tuesday time to decide; don’t neglect to vote



August 6, 2018 - 9:58 AM

All elections are important. Tuesday’s primary may be a touch above some we had in recent years.
Contentious races for the Republican gubernatorial and Second Congressional District will be decided. Allen County voters will have a role in each, as well as other state races and a Republican decision for Allen County Commission.
Sifting through the he-said, she-said arguments is a burden voters face, with the caveat of several candidates having resorted to President Trump’s favorite rant, “fake news.”
Don’t believe it. Whatever is reported by Kansas newspapers and electronic media is straight as a dangling string.
Social media is another matter. Where anonymity reigns, anything may be written without any reins on its authenticity.
In far too much measure, the same is true in the proliferation of slick mailers that have arrived by the bundle in local mailboxes. And, it seems no candidate is immune from stretching what may or may not be true.
Unfortunately, that’s not an occurrence peculiar to races to be decided in Tuesday’s primary. For years campaigns have been tainted to some degree, although today’s opportunities in cyberspace make it far easier and less of a millstone for those who are willing to besmirch another with half-truths or just plain lies.
The best of ways to feel comfortable when going to the polls is to independently examine the records of those on the ballot, by reading closely what is written and said about them in reputable sources, and taking advantage when they are available and eager to answer questions. Those recommendations may be a little late coming, but will hold water for the November general election.
The Register has made some endorsements, and they were done in a thoughtful manner after research into issues and positions candidates have taken.
In almost all cases we shy from picking favorites in local races, because we know that any person who makes themselves available for city, county and school positions invariably does so for the right reasons, to give of themselves to serve the public good.
The only local race that will be decided Tuesday is for the GOP nomination for county commission Third District seat.
Candidates are John Brocker and Bruce Symes.
Brocker was appointed about five months ago to fill the seat when Jim Talkington resigned. That means he has been involved in recent discussions and decisions.
Meanwhile, Symes covered commission meetings about 10 years for the Register, which gave him a working knowledge of the commission’s mechanics. He has attended meetings as a spectator since filing.
Both have good credentials, which should be fleshed out by those who will decide the race. They are voters in Iola’s First, Third and Fourth wards, Bassett and South Iola Township. The winner will face Steven Henderson, unopposed for the Democratic nomination, on in November.

BY ALL MEANS, be sure to vote Tuesday, and keep Allen County’s credibility as a bastion of democracy intact.

— Bob Johnson

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