Withholding Medicaid expansion hurts the working poor

Kansas was once a leader in health outcomes. No longer, in part because we refuse to provide affordable health care options for low-wage workers. 



November 30, 2023 - 2:08 PM

In 2020, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning announce a Medicaid expansion compromise. Unfortunately, then-Senate President Susan Wagle never held discussion on the issue, dooming its chances. Legislative leaders continue to stall on the issue, despite overwhelming support by the public. Photo by KANSAS NEWS SERVICE/STPEHN KORANDA/KCUR.ORG

We like winning. The three of us have won in athletics, business and civic life. 

Together, we guide the Kansas Health Foundation. We are all about winning here, too. We want Kansas to be ranked number one in health. Right now, Kansas is 31st and has been declining since the 1990s, when we were among the top 10. 

To lead the nation in health, or even just to stop our slide, our state and communities must solve problems faster and more effectively.