Enriching community should be a priority

Iola, Kan.

I am reminded of a story about an individual who was told through a police officer’s bullhorn, as the officer drove through the neighborhood, that a flood was coming. The individual said to the officer that there was nothing to worry about as God would save him from the flood. 

As the floodwater began to come up to the foundation of the house, a rescue boat motored up and the rescue crew in the boat said we are here to take you to safety. The individual said not to worry God would save him. 

A few hours later, the individual was on the roof of the house as the flood was up to the top of the house. A helicopter flew near, and the rescue team said we will lower down a basket. The individual proclaimed all was well and that God would save him. 

The floodwater covered the home completely and the individual was swept away. The individual found himself in front of St. Peter at the pearly gates. The individual asked why God did not save him, and St. Peter said God sent a police officer, a boat and a helicopter.

Sometimes we are looking for divine intervention and a solution is presented in an inconspicuous way that does not seem to be out of the ordinary. 

I believe the bond to be voted on in April mirrors this story. We have encountered previous opportunities to enhance our community through improving our educational platform. 

Once a child’s basic needs of food, clothing and shelter are met, there are few things more important than a great education. Given the demographics of our community, it is a fact that some of these basic needs are being met only within the walls of the school system.

This is an opportunity to give a hand up to so many individuals. New and improved schools will not only create a better education, but also create a better educational experience. The experience can create skepticism as to the need, but self-esteem and pride in one’s community should not be marginalized.

As citizens of this community, we all stand to benefit directly from family, friends or neighbors receiving a better education. Indirectly all citizens will benefit by a better society; lower crime, enhanced community interaction. Not every detail may be exactly what we personally envision but the overall concept is what will make the greatest difference.

If we believe in our community and we believe children are the future, it is hard to understand how there can be anything except a “Yes” vote to all three questions on this bond issue.

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