EPA’s ban on the press is wrong



June 3, 2018 - 11:00 PM

We get it. The relationship between reporters and the government officials they cover can be testy. And if officials sometimes find it irksome to have the free press poking endlessly around their business, we understand.

But if reporters aren’t on hand to witness the sausage-making that is our government at work, then how can the true bosses in a democracy — the ordinary voters like you, our readers, who don’t have the access or the means to watch up close —make smart decisions about the direction they want to lead the country?

These issues crystallized last week amid relatively minor confrontations between the Environmental Protection Agency and reporters on hand to cover a conference about how to safeguard America’s water supply from harmful chemicals. When reporters from the Associated Press, CNN and E&E News arrived to cover EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s speech and other happenings at the conference, they were denied entry. The CNN reporter later alleged she was forcibly removed from the venue.

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