Everyone can help others; that’s what makes us ‘essential’

"When a job not only fulfills its original purpose but also builds friendships and community, that’s hard to beat."



March 5, 2021 - 2:08 PM

As water was pouring from the second-story ceiling down to the first-floor newsroom of the Register a couple weekends ago, I felt totally useless. But thankful that even on a Saturday morning plumbers Kenny Anderson and son Nick were just a phone call away. 

In no time Nick located the burst pipe and capped it off. Seems it connected to a dark room abandoned way before my time. While there, Nick also tended to a long-defunct upstairs water cooler.

Susan Lynn, Register editor

Contractor Danny Ware likewise received our S.O.S. and showed up with a wet vac, industrial-size fans and plastic to cover important equipment. Before long his son, Buddy, was there to help us  pull out soggy insulation and ceiling tiles.

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