Finding a little beauty in each day a helpful exercise

There are many amazing things happening now, some in spite of our challenges and some because of it.



April 1, 2020 - 10:41 AM

Children always remind us of life's many wonders. Emery Sigg, 4, and younger sister, Ellie, pose for a photo while wearing bear makeup during their “bear hunt” Wednesday, a local campaign encouraging parents to take their children on walks during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Register file photo

On Monday night, I spent an hour staring at my laptop screen. My goal was to find a column idea that was not related to the coronavirus update.

Travis Mounts

I eventually just shut my laptop and went to bed.

So on Tuesday morning (deadline day), I loaded my laptop into my backpack, prepped a food bag with lunch and snacks for a 12-16 hour workday, put in my ear buds and hit “shuffle” on my workout playlist, and hiked to the office.

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