Five heads are better than three



May 14, 2018 - 11:00 PM

Iola and Humboldt are governed by councils of eight members and a mayor. Smaller cities within hailing distance generally have a tad fewer, but more than the three who make decisions for Allen County, ones that have far-reaching consequences.

Increasing the number of county commissioners to five would be appropriate, large enough to give a better reading on any number of issues, yet small enough not to be cumbersome.

As is, the three in office — Chairman Tom Williams, Jerry Daniels and John Brocker — represent specific districts, with Williams and Brocker having some rural areas as well as each speaking on behalf of parts of Iola. Daniels’ constituents live in Humboldt, Moran, Elsmore, Savonburg and rural areas generally between and near those communities. With five, two might be elected at-large or districts may be redrawn, a process that likely will occur regardless following the 2020 federal census.

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