Hong Kong elections victory for democracy



November 27, 2019 - 10:18 AM

Hong Kong's streets were filled with supporters for various campaigns before Sunday's elections. Voter turnout was the biggest in the city's history.

Over the centuries, repressive regimes the world over have learned the same lesson: Once accustomed to freedom and participatory democracy, people will cling to it with a grip that cannot be broken.

A heartening reminder of that fact comes from Hong Kong, where, despite the overbearing communist government in Beijing’s best efforts to paint the pro-democracy resistance as illegitimate, violent revolutionaries, district council elections yielded a resounding win for the good guys (and girls).

A 25-year-old who crowdfunded his campaign took down the vice-chairman of the main pro-Beijing party. A 23-year-old reformer beat a three-time incumbent. As turnout surged, the defenders of Hong Kong’s independence and special history of freedom took 17 of 18 districts, and 80% of all council seats, compared to just 30% before.

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