Hosting the G-7 summit at his golf resort will personally benefit President Trump



October 18, 2019 - 5:15 PM

The Trump National Doral resort near Miami should benefit from next summer's G-7 Summit of world leaders.

Brazen is the only word for it. Well, that and emoluments.

The White House announced Thursday that the next meeting of the G-7 —the leaders of seven of the world’s biggest economies — will take place at President Trump’s for-profit Doral golf resort in Miami in June. Even if the president’s family business, the Trump Organization, hands all the profits from the event over to the government, as it says it has done in the past, holding the summit at the Doral is still a huge boon for a resort that has been flagging since Trump became president. At a minimum, the decision makes the Doral the focus of international attention — a massive windfall in free publicity.

There’s a reason why the emoluments clause, which bars a president from receiving payments from foreign governments or officials other than the U.S. government, is in the Constitution. The Founders feared the sway foreign entities could hold over the president if they were paying him. The president already faces two lawsuits over how he has conducted business as president, and the announcement Thursday amounts to the president thumbing his nose at us, saying, in effect, “so sue me —again.”

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