I don’t want in my house what ‘sparks joy’ in my spouse



January 16, 2020 - 10:34 AM

Organizing guru Marie Kondo in 2019.

Marie Kondo and her theories of tidying up have introduced some conflict into my marriage. I can’t be the only one. Her idea is simple: First, pick a category, like clothes; next, put all of them into the middle of the room; finally, pick out and keep only the ones that “spark joy.”

Setting aside the fact that making time for such a project is enough to make me want to bury my head under one of my many unnecessary pillows, what I want to ask Marie is: What about all of my husband’s things that don’t spark joy? That instead spark intense, dark, brooding hatred? What to do with those?

My husband feels sentimental attachment for things he has no business being attached to. Case in point: My grandmother lived for 60 years in a house on our block, and when it was time to sell her house, I managed to avoid taking almost anything, even the silver, which had an “O” engraved on it. After her 10 children had a chance to choose items they wanted, what remained went to the dumpster.

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