Let’s recycle those caps and gowns



May 6, 2019 - 10:11 AM

king roughly one class per semester online for six years, I recently completed work toward a master’s degree in library and information science at San Jose State University.

I’m not normally one for pomp and circumstance, but I’m proud of this academic achievement, so I made the decision to fly back to San Jose in May to take part in graduation ceremonies in front of my family.

But when I looked into renting a cap and gown for the event, I was disappointed to find out that San Jose State does not offer any such option. I was instead directed to the Herff Jones website, where I discovered that the cap, gown, hood, and tassle I was required to wear would cost almost $150 by the time everything was shipped to me. This seemed like a lot to pay for garb I would wear one time for a couple of hours.

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