Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

The Allen County recycling program is growing!  We at the Rotary Club of Iola see increased participation each collection day, and we’d like to thank the community for its support and focus on protecting our environment.

Several exciting changes also warrant mention. First, the collection site has moved to behind the Endurance Lift Solutions building at 2702 N. State St. in Iola. The new site has an awning, allowing Rotary to accept recyclables even during inclement weather. 

Rotary also has recently partnered with International Paper in Wichita. If sorted properly, they’re willing to reimburse us for our community’s recyclables. With that in mind, we are letting the public know how to fetch the highest price for our recycled goods.

We’re now asking that newspapers be separated from magazines, as newsprint has a higher value. Please put magazines and slick mail flyers with mixed paper. Those white envelopes with clear plastic windows? They can be included with white office paper.

Corrugated cardboard is accepted and brings a good price, but it must be free of any greasy food residue. Unfortunately, that means we can’t accept those pizza boxes. Fiberboard such as cereal boxes are acceptable but should be separated from corrugated cardboard.

Glass jars and bottles can be put together, but please don’t include other glass like mirrors, light bulbs or ceramics. Plastics must be separated, or you can sort your materials when you arrive to the site. Please put #1 and #2 plastics in separate containers. Plastic types #3 through #7 can be combined. Labels do not need to be removed, but the caps should be removed from the bottles. No Styrofoam, Styrene, PVC, ABS, nylon or vinyl.

Locked dumpsters for corrugated cardboard boxes from businesses have been placed at Endurance Life Solutions, the northeast corner of the Jumpstart North parking lot and in Moran at the Marmaton Market. Any business wishing to bring their cardboard for recycling can contact Steve Strickler to get a key.

For the past 24 years, Rotary has collected newspapers and magazines for recycling. And so amidst all the changes, it’s important to remember what’s staying the same. Metal and aluminum cans collected at our site are still taken to Ray’s Metal Depot, and the proceeds continue to benefit Iola’s PTO. And yes, we still accept batteries.

Recently, the Paper Drive/Recycle collection has been every two months. The next collection date is 8:30-11 a.m. July 20.

Moving forward, we at Rotary have one more change to announce: beginning Sept. 7, we plan to start accepting recyclables once a month. We will continue the first Saturday of each month thereafter.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Donna Grigsby, 703-403-8257 or Steve Strickler, 620-365-9233.


Donna Grigsby and

Steve Strickler,

Iola, Kan.


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