Letter to the editor

Dear editor,

My name is Rosemary Bass, and I am writing in favor of the proposed renaming of Coon Creek.

I am 90 years old, African American, and have lived in Iola since 1947. My husband and I raised our three children in a house that has been owned by African Americans since the early 1920s, in a mostly working-class Black neighborhood. Our kids grew up playing in the creek, which still runs through my backyard today.

I agree with my friends, neighbors, and the residents of Iola, of all races and from all walks of life, who believe racial slurs that were in common use and accepted by many one hundred years ago can no longer be tolerated.  In the 1950s, I participated in the peaceful protests that led to the integration of the swimming pool. I have watched with pride as Iola integrated, and bonded and grew as a community. The renaming of the creek is not about “covering up history,” it is about doing the right thing and setting a good example for today’s youth and for generations to come.

Thank you.


Rosemary Bass

Iola, Kan.

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