Letter to the editor — January 10, 2018

Dear editor,
I will say this again —Oprah Winfrey for President — God Help Us.
 Now, I love Oprah. She is a wonderful lady and knows how to get around and get things done. But, I really feel that Oprah can do more for our country by staying right where she is. She can do more for children, families and women by not being president of the  United States. 
 Yes, she is powerful. Yes, she has a heart. Yes, she can move mountains when it comes to social problems.  But, can or could she move the Congress of the United States?
Moving Congress has been the problem for the past presidents over and over again.   A president of the U.S. can only do so much. Congress can override everything the president is pushing into law. And Congress can keep the president from getting his issues and plans considered.
Past presidents have had to fight constantly and vehemently over and over to get their plans in front of the Senate.  The House will fight against him. The Senate will also vote against a very good option, should they decide it will cost the re-election to their position.
Our current president fights to have his plan accepted but only for self-interests. Sometimes he wins and sometimes he doesn’t. But, all along he is thinking of himself, not the interests of the country.
A president needs to know his way around foreign policy, instead of just depending on his secretary of state to have policies move forward.  
The president, himself, needs to be able to understand and pursue the relations between the U.S. and other countries. Not by insults and threats, but by negotiations. The secretary of state can lead the president to the negotiation, but the president must — must — follow through. 
A president must also lead the way in issues here at home, including jobs, healthcare, taxes, race issues, immigration issues (without a wall), national parks, and last but not least, climate change.
A president should not be wishy-washy and continue to change his mind and contradict himself. A president should not lie about issues and himself.  And, most of all — a president should not brag about himself, his accomplishments, his knowledge, or his intelligence. 
So, what am I trying to say? Let us take a fresh look at what a president should be. Look at the candidates in 2020, and elect someone who will lead our wonderful country into a place for hope, peace and love. Love for each other as well as for love of country. Change will come if the right man or woman is leading for change. Change will not necessarily happen just because the man or woman looks different from a politician. There are some good people out there in the political world who could and would be a very good president. 
Enough said.
Thank you,
Carolyn S. Mynatt
LaHarpe, Kan.

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