Letter to the editor — March 15, 2017

To the editor,

It has been no secret that the Kansas Department of Transportation has taken the brunt of state budget woes over the last six years. To the tune of $2.7 billion, money has been swept from KDOT into the general fund to cover other deficits and government expenditures. Roads and bridges have suffered from the exodus of funds available for projects that are desperately needed across Kansas. Road projects have been canceled by the dozens across our state and construction companies and their workers have headed across our borders to find jobs.

Roads and bridges are the single most used function of government. The loss of these funds is putting our safety and economy at risk. The same roads and bridges that are traveled by school buses are also traveled by semis that are hauling Kansas’s agricultural and manufacturing products to markets across the world. The longer we continue down this path we are on, the worse off our roads and bridges will be.