Letter to the editor – July 21, 2022

Dear editor,

Much confusion has arisen from the amendment on the ballot in August. Both sides claim that the laws that are in place now will remain in place after the vote. Both sides are literally correct, so what is the issue? The issue is how laws currently in use will prevail based on whether or not the amendment passes.

The Vote No side will continue to see the laws in force until they are each brought before the court. At that time the courts will rule against the law by citing the ruling in 2019 that declared abortion to be a virtually unlimited and unrestricted right. In April 2021 the live fetal dismemberment ban was struck down. In December 2021 the clinic safety, sanitation, and inspection law was repealed. One of the repealed laws protected babies that, according to scientific research, are capable of feeling pain, the other affects the safety of the woman having the procedure. Two laws in two years are now no longer valid due to the 2019 court ruling.

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