Letter to the editor – July 25, 2022

Dear editor,

Luke Aichele is running for District 9 State Board of Education. I met him last week to see why he is running for the position and what he has to offer. Luke has my support and here is why.     

He is a young father of three children — with a high schooler and an elementary student; a successful business owner; and a conservative from McPherson known locally as “Luke the Barber.” He feels the education of our students in Kansas is the most important place to be involved for not only the student’s future, but all our futures. With public schools losing thousands of students and valuable teachers, we need some new voices at the table. Luke knows Washington, D.C. ideas do not match our Kansas values and wants to be the “buffer” between some of the ideology being thrust at our institutions and the local school boards and educators. He is an independent thinker and stands up for what is right, as he demonstrated in his own community and for our entire state when he fought back the Kelly administration’s mandated Covid shutdown for barbers and beauticians. Luke Aichele will not be a rubber stamp.

July 25, 2022
March 7, 2019
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February 7, 2013