Living in rural Kansas reveals stark disparities

Lack of adequate health facilities and access to broadband internet put those in the hinterlands at a decided disadvantage in times like these.



April 1, 2020 - 9:59 AM

Photo by Kansas News Service/Chris Neal/KCUR.ORG

As the new coronavirus spreads, it has exposed a variety of societal vulnerabilities. For example, giant cities have seen how their long-touted lifestyle — packing more and more people into less and less space — can endanger public health.

Those in more rural settings shouldn’t feel smug, however. Those sprinkled among the countryside of Kansas are in some ways even less prepared than those in urban areas. The lack of hospital facilities and emergency services is the first gap that comes to mind.

But there’s another shortcoming, one that has been highlighted for years and will only make this experience more difficult. That’s the lack of broadband internet access.

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